Advanced Scuba Diver            

Exploration - Excitement - Experiences

You will fine turn your skills by completing a series of 6 dives:

  1. Scuba Review of skills.

  2. Navigation calculating distance, time and speed.

  3. Night diving or limited visability.

  4. Deeper Diving (70 to 100 ft.) with a Pony System.

  5. Light Salvage using Search and Recover Techniques.

  6. Underwater Mapping and Photography.

Tuition:  $325.00, Includes: two (3 hour) Academic sessions,  E-Learning Premier Pack, Text book, Log book, stickers, patches and a plastic Advanced Certification card along with your electronic card., 6 Open Water Dives.

Special low rental rates for advanced scuba students.      

*** Take your Nitrox class along with Advanced and get two certification during the same weekend. Save time and money.                              

 Master Scuba Diver

 Master Scuba Diver. Emphasis is placed on student participation and practical application of knowledge in the open water combined with the adventure of a "Travel and Dive Weekend" in the Great Lakes Region.

Academics with eight Open Water Dives.

Tuition:  $550.00  Includes  23  hours of academics, your NAUI Master Scuba Diver books & materials,  8 Open Water Dives  and your NAUI Master Diver Card. 
            Learn:       Complete your readings. 
           Lecture Topics:                             
                             ●   Diving Equipment
                             ●   Diving Physics
                             ●   Diving Medicine
                             ●   Decompression Theory/Tables
                             ●   Diving Environments
                             ●   Deep Diving Techniques
                             ●   Technical Diving & Seamanship
                             ●   Search/Recovery & Salvage

   Let the fun begin ...
    1)   Mapping:  Practical application of utilizing Depth-
          Time-Distance with Air Consumption Rates while   
          completing an underwater mapping assignment.
    2)   Demonstrate you can execute a navigational course during a night
    3)   Search & Recovery Dive that results in finding and salvaging a lost
          Treasure Chest and the problems associated with getting the Treasure
          Chest on the sandy beach..
    4)   Deep Dive #1 in the 80 - 100 ft. range.
    5)   Deep Dive #2 in the 80 - 100 ft. range with simulated decompression
    6)   Off shore diving techniques.
    7)   Orientation to River & Current drifting.
    8)   River & Current drifting with artifact collecting.