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NAUI Timeline of Dive History


1955 The Los Angeles County Underwater Instruction Certification Course is organized by AL Tillman (NAUI #1), establishing the world’s first civilian dive instructor training course (followed by the first NAUI ICC).
1958 “Sea Hunt” starring Lloyd Bridges with Zale Parry (NAUI #A12) in the female role begins its fourth-year run on national television. The popular program generated excitement in scuba as a recreational activity.


1960 The first NAUI Instructor Certification Course is held in Houston, Texas with 72 candidates from the U.S. and Canada; this set
the national standards for dive certification agencies worldwide.
1960 Diving Pioneer Jacques-Yves Cousteau is appointed to the first NAUI Board of Advisors.
1969 The First NAUI International Conference on Underwater Education (ICUE) is held at Santa Ana College.


1976 NAUI is the First Agency to create a Dive Master Designation Rating. 


1980 NAUI Creates the Pro Facility Program offering recognition and service to professional diving facilities.
1981 The NAUI Dive Tables are introduced.


1992 NAUI Becomes the First Mainstream Recreational Dive Training Agency to sanction Nitrox training for recreational divers.
1997 NAUI Technical Training Develops a set of ranged Decompression Tables for Open Circuit and Closed Circuit diving in collaboration with Dr. Bruce Wienke (NAUI #5343).


2000 NAUI Produces Award-Winning, Fully Integrated Scuba Diver Education System and begins expanding the education systems to include mainline certification courses.
2001 NAUI Publishes the Only Set of RGBM Recreational No Calculation Tables from sea level to 10,000 feet.


2010 NAUI Green Diver Initiative is formed, in corporation with the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund.

NAUI:  The Definition of Diving

In scuba diving, the National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI) is the name synonymous with being a leader and an originator.  Throughout scuba diving’s history, it has been NAUI leaders, pioneers, and trendsetters who have defined the sport.

Ironically, many founders of other scuba training agencies were first NAUI members, but it is NAUI training methods and content that paved their way; and it is NAUI quality that continues to define the practice of scuba diving. NAUI-trained scuba divers are recognized for their mastery of the concepts, principles, and skills of diving as well as by the example they contribute to the evolving definition of diving.

The culture we live in seems dominated by an attitude of “I want it fast, I want it now, I want it easy and I want it cheap”.  Quickie scuba courses with limited water time and insufficient knowledge sessions only produce an individual with a card, not an individual that is qualified to scuba dive. .  NAUI’s core values are founded on safety, quality training & student-centered learning, when you complete a NAUI Scuba Course you are not only Certified to Dive but most important you are Qualified to Scuba Dive...