• “I've been using them the last six years for air fills.  Fast - dependable - direct!  Sue is great and the staff know what they are doing.  The price is right.”

    -Chris B.

  • “Dale and the crew are top notch.  I've been diving with them for 7 years and the knowledge they have is fantastic.  All that said, if you wanna cram dive training into a weekend and get a "breathe in breathe out don't die cert" this isn't your shop.  But if you wanna learn scuba.  I mean really learn it, you've  found a home. The training is thorough and comprehensive.  You'll know your stuff when you're done!”

    -Patrick F.

  • “I have been diving with Dale, Sue (and all the other dive fanatics) with Deep Six for years.  You can't find a better collection of modern dive equipment and up to date knowledge about the local and remote dive scene.  Deep Six also has the best local dive instruction; relying on strong basics and insisting on every student "graduating" as a safe and capable diver.  If you want to be a comfortable and skilled diver for life, check out Deep Six Specialists in Akron.”

    -Michelle M.

  • “I got my certification with Dale in 1994. The store is great, the staff is great. I wouldn't let my kids train anywhere else.”

    -Lee T.

  • “Deep Six teaches you to be safe and while having fun in the excellent sport of diving. You will not find a more knowledgeable professionals than the folks at Deep Six.”

    -Jim C.

  • “Thanks for the referral!  But mainly Thank You to the instructor(s) who taught Ali and Erica!  The ladies knew their stuff and did very well with their checkout dives.  Thanks for making my job "easy" (more like less stressful but you understand).”

    - Missy B.