About Deep Six Specialists in Akron, Ohio

Who we are....

In 1970, Deep Six was established initially as an educational entity for teaching the fundamentals of safe scuba diving.  On January 1, 1972 the operation was expanded to include retails sales, dive travel and equipment services.

We adopted NAUI’s motto of “Dive Safety through Education” as the corner stone of our high teaching standards and style of scuba diving.

Instructional Pride. Our staff continues to upgrade their teaching skills to bring you the best scuba instruction.  We do not cut out your in-water training or shorten your academic knowledge with promotional price gimmicks

Today DSS offers courses in Snorkeling, Basic, Advanced and Master Scuba Diver Course: Specialty Courses, Technical Diving Courses and Leadership Courses where you can become a NAUI Scuba Instructor.

We love scuba diving and love to share the underwater adventure. During the colder months we attend local Dive Shows, offer pool time for underwater scuba games and special topic instruction.  During the warmer months we have local diving for fun as well as cookouts, treasure hunts and diving on historical wooden and steel hauled shipwrecks in all of the Great Lakes.

Tropical dive adventures can vary from your own planned trip to joining us on a DSS escorted dive trip to locations in the Caribbean to Pacific Islands.

Deep Six Staff

Dale S. Kreiner
Founder and President.  Dale started his diving career in 1967.  He is a current NAUI Instructor #2974 and PADI Instructor #2722.  Dale teaches all levels of Sport Scuba Diving, Rescue Diver, CPR First Aid, Technical Instructor, Deep Gas, Wreck Penetration and Ice Diving.

Scuba Sue
Scuba Sue is the store manager for Deep Six.  She began her diving career in 2001. Scuba Sue is a NAUI Assistant Instructor and NAUI Technical Diver.

Tom Peddle
Started diving in 1978.  NAUI Instructor, specialty areas of interest and expertise in Search & Recovery Diving.  Tom is a retired Captain from Akron Fire Department and Dive Rescue Team.

James Clark
Jim started diving in 1990.  He is a First Aid; CPR Instructor, a Red Cross WSI and Life Guard Trainer.  His area of expertise is “In Water Rescues”.


Jamie Davis
Jamie started his diving career in 2005.  He is a NAUI Instructor for Deep Six.

Raymond Ball
Ray started diving in 2008.  Ray is a NAUI Dive Master.

Don Dagnall
Don was first certified in 2011.  He is a Deep Six service technician and sales associate.

Logan Usher
Logan started his diving career in 2017.  He is currently employed with Deep Six as a service technician and sales associate.