Scuba Experience:

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The Scuba Experience is designed for those persons who want to experience scuba diving, without making a commitment to the entire Basic Scuba Course.  This is three hours of scuba activities consisting of scuba skills, playing games and having a great time in the deep end of the pool.  All masks, snorkels, fins and scuba equipment are provided.

During your pool experience, you will actually set up the scuba system, learn basic scuba skills, dive in the deep end of the pool and participate in underwater games. 
Cost:  $39.95




Learning to snorkel or simply brushing up on your snorkeling skills, is often easier than learning how to swim. Snorkeling (primarily a front float) incorporates three pieces of equipment: a mask, snorkel, and set of fins.

Becoming comfortable wearing your mask and learning to: breathe through your snorkel, clear your snorkel, and effectively use your fins are all skills that most beginners can easily learn.  At Deep Six Specialists, Inc. you will have a 3 1/2 hour snorkeling pool session that will introduce you to the fundamental snorkeling techniques....

Scuba Refresher:

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This Basic Scuba Refresher is designed for those persons who have not been diving in the past 6 months to 3 years. This is a 2 hour diving knowledge review session. We will review topics such as; equipment set up and disassemble, dive computers, dive planning, and air management.  In-pool activities will include: signals, out of air emergencies, entries/exits, controlled descents, ascents, trim, buoyancy control, mask clears, weight belt removals and navigation.
Tuition: $85.00 (with three or more students)

Equipment Provided by deep six:

  • Cylinder w/ Air

  • Weights & Belt

  • BC & Regulator with Computer


  • Wetsuit, $10.00

  • Mask, snorkel, fins and boots: $20.00

Personal Items:

  • Completed Questionnaire, please complete prior to class

  • Waiver & Release Form, please complete prior to class

  • C-card

  • Logbook. Do you need one?

  • Dive Table

  • Towel & Sweatshirt

  • Lock for locker