Dive Travel to the Central Pacific with Deep Six….

 Dive Chuuk (Truk) Lagoon

February 12 ~ 19, 2022 

Located in the Central Pacific, between Australia & Hawaii


Explore the Shipwrecks and Coral Reefs of Historical Chuuk Lagoon

Chuuk (also known as Truk) Lagoon is a Micronesia undersea phenomenon. The giant lagoon is the final tomb for more than 100 ships, planes and submarines. On the morning of February 17, 1944 a surprise United States Navy air attack code named "Operation Hailstone" caught a fleet of Japanese Merchant vessels and warships by surprise in Chuuk .  For the past 77 years these wrecks have rested on the bottom virtually undisturbed, creating the greatest underwater museum in the world.

Today, Chuuk lagoon is a mecca for sport & technical divers and underwater photographers. There is something for everyone. You will have the best of both worlds, tropical marine life and historical shipwrecks.  The warm tropical water, prolific marine life and ocean currents have transformed the wrecks into breathtakingly beautiful coral gardens and artificial reefs, home to hundreds of exotic marine animals and fish. 

About The Diving

Normal diving range is 50 – 100 feet with some dives to 130 feet.  It is your experience, comfort level that determines your personal dive profile. Combining the deeper depths with a multi-level profile of working your way to the shallower sections of the wreck will give you plenty of non-decompression time. 

Night dives are available each evening.  The pacific marine life is outstanding.  Those who are use to Caribbean night dives will be blown away with the variety and variations of the marine life at night.

The wrecks can be dived as a Recreational Diver or as a Technical Diver.  The more Technical Divers might want to elect diving deeper, staying longer and or engage in technical wreck penetration.

The penetration of wrecks can fall into two extremes.  The wreck might be composed of a simple overheard that is an easy swim to the Openwater.  The other extreme is an overhead environment with no direct ascent to the surface.  You dive the wreck to your level of comfort, experience and certification level.  Dive guides are available at no extra cost.

On board the Odyssey, Chuuk’s finest live-aboard vessel.
   •   ALL staterooms have private facilities, air-conditioning controls,
       DVD player, and are carpeted
   •   Carpeting and air-conditioning throughout the vessel
   •   Large dining area with full commercial galley
   •   A separate entertainment lounge with TV, VCR, DVD, stereo, library, large slide table, and bar

Dive Deck Facilities                               
Personal dive lockers
   •   Two gear rinse tanks
   •   Large, convenient dive platform
   •   Two dive ladders
   •   Fixed safety/deco bar
   •   Tanks filled at your seat
   •   Freshwater shower
   •   Warm deck towels
   •   Nitrox, for certified Nitrox divers
   •   DIN or yoke valves
   •   Tanks (alum 80 and steel 112), weights & belt
   •   Double aluminum 80 tank systems available
   •   Dual isolation manifolds, DIN or yoke
   •   Aluminum 30’s for deco gases

Photo Facilities
    •   Large 3-tier camera table
    •   Two camera rinse tanks
    •   Large slide table
    •   Battery charging station
    •   Photo and video courses available

Charter Fee:  $3595.00 estimated plus Airfare

Charter Includes:
  - 7 Nights aboard The Odyssey
- Up to 5 Dives a day
 - Air or Nitrox, Weights & Belts
 - All Meals & Snacks
 - Alcoholic & Non-alcoholic Beverages      
 - Airport Transfers                                                         

Deposit of $1,000.00 (non refundable) is due to hold your spot.