Scuba Diving Equipment Repairs FAQ


Annual Warranty and Non-warranty service of Regulators, BCs and Computers.

We offer a number of services to ensure your life support equipment remains in great working order.  Our certified technicians will first perform a total evaluation and then adjust, clean or service with the appropriate parts as need.  This is service is known as an Annual Service.

How often should I have my gear serviced?
Your scuba equipment should be serviced every 12 months, in accordance with the manufacturer's requirements.  The Annual Service should be performed even if the regulator has only been on "a few" dives since it's last service.  When diving equipment sits in storage, critical internal parts gradually go out of adjustment and or deteriorate.  Most manufacturers call for a Annual Service Program to keep your equipment safe and under warranty.

What does an annual regulator service include?

The Deep Six Full Annual Service includes a complete disassemble,  inspection and cleaning of all of all parts,  lubing and reassembling with new authorized manufacturer parts in the 1st and 2nd stage and alternate air source.  We will also check, lube and replace your high pressure gauge o-rings and spool.  All batteries will be evaluated and replaced as needed.  Your regulator is then placed on our breathing machine and cycled through 500 breathing cycles to assure proper seating of the internal components.  After the 500 breathing cycles, the regulator will be fine-tuned and adjusted to manufacturers specifications on our highly sophisticated flow bench. 

Does my BCD need to get serviced, too?

Yes.  Your BCD also needs an Annual Service.   Your BCD will be internally cleaned of salt deposits and potentially harmful bacteria, the power inflator and dump mechanisms are serviced for leaks and sticking.   The technicians will replace internal power inflator components and any external non-functioning valves with an annual service kit.

When does my Scuba Cylinders need service?

The visual internal/external cylinder inspection is called a Visual Inspection and is once every 12 months.  The technician will check for neck cracking, oxidation, water, bad orders and external damage.  Deficiencies are then corrected or cylinder can not be put back into service.

The pressure testing of the cylinder is called a Hydo Test and is required by law every 60 months (5yrs).  At the time of The Hydro Test, if your aluminum cylinder is older than 1992,  a Visual Eddy (an electronic test for neck cracks) is also required.