Lake Huron, Port Sanilac / Grindstone Harbor Beach    
July 27 & 28, 2019   

Sport Dives
Charter Cost: $180.00 to $240.00 (4 total dives)
Pre Registration by July 18, 2019 at 3 pm

Join Our Charter on Lake Huron and dive the following amazing wrecks with us.

Sample of some of the wrecks…..

Glenorchy: Depth is 120 feet.  This 356 foot, steel haul freighter, sank with no lives lost. The hull is completely upside down "turtled" and you can gain access to the interior through a port side gunnel, the two engine room doors are propped open and the bow is pretty impressively smashed in.  The interior has all the machinery, most of the gauges, a lot of the brass, tons of Burbot and whitefish.

albany bow LP8_8310-XL.jpg

Albany. The 267 foot steel steamer Albany was launched in 1846. She survived the collision with the Philadelphia on November 7, 1893 and was taken in tow. However, she foundered while undertow and came to rest close by the Philadelphia in 130 feet of water. She lies broken with her stern upright and her bow resting on its starboard side

Philadelphia:    The 236-foot steamer Philadelphia was built in 1868. She was lost in a collision with the steamer Albany on November 7, 1893. She is upright in 120 feet of water. The wreck is mostly intact with her cargo of heating and cooking stoves resting on the deck and scattered on the lake floor next to the hull. The wreck’s noteworthy sights include the engine, two boilers, rudder, propeller, stern capstan, and a load of cast-iron stoves.