Snorkeling Gear

We carry quality sets of silicon masks & dry snorkels in standard adult sizes as well as child size. During this spring March Madness sale, you can add a pair of fins for $19.99!! 

Mask & Snorkel Combos:

  • Matrix & Supernova Dry Combo
  • Big Eyes & Supernova Dry Combo
  • Marea & Dry Combo

Persons who have purchased mask and snorkel gear might have a look at:

Mesh Bags

  • Stahlsac Bonaire Mesh
  • Cetacea 18" X 30"
  • Cetacea 15" X 20"

Snorkeling Vest & Jackets

  • Innovative Jacket Style
  • Innovative Standard Style
 Jacket Style

Jacket Style