Rentals are available on a Daily, Weekend or Weekly basis.  Items can be rented individually or as a discounted package.

We rent the following scuba gear to certified divers. Regulator with primary and backup, second stages: Dive consoles with and without a dive computer: Tropical and Cold Water Wetsuits, cylinders, hoods, mask, snorkel, fins, dry suits (see rental stipulations), wight belt & weights, cylinders.

  • Dry Suit Rentals with thermals are available to Deep Six Certified Drysuit Divers or students enrolled into our Drysuit course.

Proof of Scuba Certification is required for all Scuba Life Support Equipment rentals.

Air & Gas Fills

Air fills up to 4500 psi.  Scuba Cylinders - Paint Ball - SCBA - Air Rifle
Argon Fills
Custom Blending  Nitrox - Trimix - 02   * Note:  Cylinders MUST be 100% 02 clean for Custom Blending fills.