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Shipwrecks / 2018          Saturday, April 7, 2018    9:00 am - 5:00 pm
The Niagara Divers' Association will present its 24th Annual Shipwrecks Symposium, "Shipwrecks/2018" on Saturday, April 7, 2018 at Centennial High School, 240 Thorold Road, Welland, Ontario. This is the same location they have used for the last 21 years and features an 1100 seat auditorium with theater style seating and an excellent sound system.

As in the past, they have plans for numerous multimedia presentations by both world renowned and local speakers. Lunch, refreshments and door prizes will be included. Speakers will have tables and meet with guests during breaks and lunch. A display area is available for non-profit diving related groups and Gold Level sponsors.  For complete details

Nautical Archaeology Training Workshop          Saturday & Sunday, April 28 & 29, 2018   
Learn the basics of surveying a shipwreck.  Become familiar with ship terms, laws & ethics, research, survey tools,  trilateration and much more.  The workshop is held at the National Museum of the Great Lakes, 1701 Front St., Toledo, Ohio.  For details visit

MAST Annual Dinner          Saturday, April 28, 2018
This dinner is open to anyone who has an interest in Great Lakes, Shipwrecks or Archeology.  The dinner is held at the Seagate Convention Center, 401 Jefferson Ave., Toledo, Ohio.  For details visit

Lake ERIE, Osprey Charter - June 30, 2018      Charter Cost: $150.00

Come Dive with us on the following wrecks:

The "Crystal" is another of Lake Erie's mysteries. It's been told that this 117' 3 masted schooner was named after the beer the divers that found her celebrated with after their find. She lies upright in 120' of water and is quite a sight. She rises 20 feet of the bottom, and has a beautiful bowsprit, draped with a snagged fishnet. Other features include the port anchor, windlass, sheet winch and several pumps. The cabin has been blown off, revealing the cook stove, complete with frying pan! Nearby, a shoe and a pair of eyeglasses. This dive is not to be missed!
Visibility on this sight often approaches 100 feet, bottom temperatures in the low 40's.

The Trade Wind - The 140' three masted bark "Trade Wind" was built in 1853 at Buffalo, NY.
Today the Trade Wind is one of the best dives in the range of recreational divers. She sits upright in 120' of water, her cargo scattered around the wreck. Her three masts have fallen to port, probably due to the damage on her starboard side rigging. The ship's wheel is intact, as are much of the ships railings. The anchor rests on the deck at the bow, along with the capstan and other deck gear. There is normally very good visibility at this site, in the range of 30-70', with bottom temperatures in the low to mid 40's


Annual Cookout, Diving & Camping Weekend          Saturday & Sunday, July 21 & 22, 2018
MARK YOUR CALENDARS!!!   Don't miss out on this fun filled weekend.  Saturday night cookout, we do the cooking.  Reduced rates on equipment rentals.  Don't have a dive buddy, we will fix you up with one.  You can camp or motel, but don't miss the campfire.  Fun for the entire family, the swim beach is beautiful, the diving is great, the food & company is wonderful.  You can complete your Advance Diver certification this weekend.


St. Clair River Diving          Saturday, July 28, 2018
This trip is a blast.  Scuba diving in a river may not sound like much fun, until you couple good visibility with lots of bass, walleye and crayfish to entertain you.  Plus who knows what lost treasure you will uncover.  Pre-requisite:  Advanced Diver w/ River & Current Certification.

Lake Huron, Harbour Beach     July 28 & 29, 2018    Tech Dives
Charter Cost: $360.00 (4 total dives)

Join Our Tech Charter on Lake Huron and dive the following amazing wrecks with us.

Dunderburg: Depth is 155’ to the bottom.  The schooner Dunderburg was launched in 1867. She sank off Harbor Beach after a collision on August 13, 1868. She rests fully intact in 155 feet of water. A unique, extremely well preserved figurehead adorns her bow and her cargo of grain is still sitting in her holds.

Daniel J. Morrell: We can dive the wreck at a depth of 145’ – 165’.   This large freighter was lost in a storm on November 29, 1966. The Morrell is famous for having broken into two sections with her bow coming to rest in 200 feet of water. Her stern remained under power after the loss of the bow and continued on for another 6 miles before settling into 218 feet of water. The wreck's portions lie just north of the Preserve boundary.

St. Lawrence River Diving           Friday, Saturday & Sunday, August 24 & 26, 2018
The warm surface waters of Eastern Lake Ontario flows eastward into the St. Lawrence River, resulting in an amazing 72 degrees water temperature from surface to 100+ feet.  These warm waters flow past the quant and historical river towns of Rockport and Brockville.  Join us on this no hassle weekend for diving on a variety of shipwrecks - and a chance to find an antique bottle during a drift dive.  Non-divers and divers can enjoy Castle Tours or relax with good company and fabulous food while exploring historical Brockville.  Enjoy 3 days of charter boat diving (up to 8 dives).


Lake ERIE, Osprey Charter       August 28, 2018

Charter Cost: $150.00   Depth 155 - 165'

Join our Tech Charter and dive the St. James with us...

Saint James
Lost: 10/01/1870
Depth: 165
Bound for Oswego, NY, the Saint James left Toledo, OH on October 23, 1870 and was never seen again. No one is certain the circumstances or even the exact date she was lost, but one theory is that she encountered a late October storm. The only thing that is for certain, is that the Saint James sank with 14,000 bushels of wheat in her holds.

This wreck was once known as Schooner "X", until divers uncovered enough evidence to identify her as the Saint James. Today, she lies upright in 165 feet of water, as perfectly preserved as any Great Lakes shipwreck. Both her masts stand nearly 80 feet off the bottom, both anchors are still in place, as are the bow sprit complete with scroll figurehead, windlass, capstan, bilge pumps and the ship's wheel. Even the cabin is largely intact.

Lost Treasure Recovery Dive           Saturday, September 15, 2018
Help us clean up a local waterway....  Dive, Eat and wind prizes....   Details coming soon

Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean           November 3 - 10, 2018

Galapagos Islands aboard the Aggressor III Livaboard           June 20 - 27, 2019    NOTE: Year 2019
SAVE $400.00
when deposit is received by March 1, 2018.