Lake Huron, Harbor Beach    
July 28 & 29, 2018   

Tech Dives
Charter Cost: $360.00 (4 total dives)
Pre Registration by July 9, 2018

Join Our Tech Charter on Lake Huron and dive the following amazing wrecks with us.


Dunderburg: Depth is 155’ to the bottomThe schooner Dunderburg was launched in 1867. She sank off Harbor Beach after a collision on August 13, 1868. She rests fully intact in 155 feet of water. A unique, extremely well preserved figurehead adorns her bow and her cargo of grain is still sitting in her holds.



Daniel J. Morrell: We can dive the wreck at a depth of 145’ – 165’.   This large freighter was lost in a storm on November 29, 1966. The Morrell is famous for having broken into two sections with her bow coming to rest in 200 feet of water. Her stern remained under power after the loss of the bow and continued on for another 6 miles before settling into 218 feet of water. The wreck's portions lie just north of the Preserve boundary.