Advanced Scuba Diver
                    May 15, 2018

                Exploration-   Excitement-  Experiences.

You will fine turn your skills by completing a series of 6 dives:

  • Scuba Review of basic skills.
  • Navigation calculating distance, time and speed.
  • Night diving.
  • Deeper Diving (70 to 100 ft.) with a backup Pony System.
  • Light Salvage using Search and Recover Techniques.
  • Underwater Mapping and Photography.

Tuition:  $268.00, Includes two (3 hour) Academic sessions,  E-Learning Materials, 6 Open Water Dives and your NAUI Advanced Certification Card .                                       


Master Scuba Diver

 Master Scuba Diver. Emphasis is placed on student participation and practical application of knowledge in the open water combined with the adventure of a "Travel and Dive Weekend" in the Great Lakes Region.

Academics with eight Open Water Dives.

Tuition:  $550.00  Includes  23  hours of academics, your NAUI Master Scuba Diver books & materials,  8 Open Water Dives  and your NAUI Master Diver Card. 
            Learn:       Complete your readings. 
             Lecture Topics:                             
                             ●   Diving Equipment
                             ●   Diving Physics
                             ●   Diving Medicine
                             ●   Decompression Theory/Tables
                             ●   Diving Environments
                             ●   Deep Diving Techniques
                             ●   Technical Diving & Seamanship
                             ●   Search/Recovery & Salvage

Let the fun begin ...
    1)   Mapping:  Practical application of utilizing Depth-Time-Distance
          with Air Consumption Rates while completing an underwater
          mapping assignment.
    2)   Demonstrate you can execute a navigational course during a
           night dive.
    3)   Search & Recovery Dive that results in finding and salvaging a
          lost Treasure Chest and the problems associated with getting
                                                                                the Treasure Chest on the sandy beach..
    4)   Deep Dive #1 in the 80 - 100 ft. range.
    5)   Deep Dive #2 in the 80 - 100 ft. range with simulated decompression stops.
    6)   Off shore diving techniques.
    7)   Orientation to River & Current drifting.
    8)   River & Current drifting with artifact collecting.